Sunday, February 5, 2017

I give up

on being a daily blogger.  Maybe it will happen someday, but for now I can't stress over it.  Enough stresses in my life without adding to it.

Dental work is almost done for a while.  Just waiting for one more permanent crown to get seated.  That will be on Feb. 14th.  Happy Valentine's Day to me, huh?   Then I'm giving both my mouth and bank account a rest.  Well, I guess the bank account won't actually be resting because it has payments to make. 

This week I get to see the retina specialist.  Not ready to discuss details but there are some issues going on.  Good thoughts and prayers please, if anyone is reading this...

Have a little something else interesting going on in my life.  I know if anyone is reading this, they are going to scream "NO FAIR" because I can't give details on it yet, either.  LOL  I'm such a tease.  I'll just say there is some texting and talking going on....

I turned 54 yesterday.  It was a fabulous day!  Two of my guys took me shopping and bought me a new recliner.  It's oh so comfy.  Probably wouldn't be my first choice of colors but wasn't waiting the 8 to 12 weeks to order something different.  It works.  Then all three of my boys took me to dinner.  Had so much fun with them.  The only reason all 3 didn't do the shopping is oldest had to work.  After dinner came back to my apartment and we rented and watched the movie "Sully".  It was very very good.  Enjoyed it thoroughly. 

My coworkers on Friday had bought me one of those big cookie cakes.  SO  YUMMY.  Funny little story.  My middle son walks in yesterday and sees it and wants some.  He opens it up and starts scraping the icing and at first I thought he was just going to scrape off the icing and it eat.  OH NO.  Just as when he was a little bitty guy he doesn't like the icing, he scraped it off to get to the cookie.  When he and the oldest were little they could share a cupcake, oldest ate the icing and he at the cake.  Somethings never change. 

Didn't watch even one minute of the superbowl tonight.  I hear it was very exciting.  I just can't stand either team.  I'm a Saints fan from way way back and it goes against every fiber of my being to pull for the Falcons/Dirty Birds.  Then there is Tom Brady and the Patriots and I just think of them as cheaters. 

Well, about time to head for bed.  Good night!

Monday, January 23, 2017

I am free from cable tv

Tried to post about this yesterday but my laptop, which has a mind of it's own, lost some of the post (I mean surely I didn't accidentally delete it) and I got frustrated and just walked away....

Anyhow, I did it finally on Saturday.  Marched into the local cable store and turned in my box, told them to take me back to internet only.  They didn't even beg me to reconsider.  hmmm  I must say the girl that helped me was awesome because I've had some email troubles, etc and tried to fix things, which were beyond her realm of capabilities so it will take a call to customer support, but she did make an effort. 

Had a slightly unsettling even happen while I was over there.  Now, I admit I can easily get frustrated with other drivers, but would never act like this guy/jerk did.  I was calmly sitting and waiting, which was pretty obvious, for another car to back out so I could park in the space.  Another car was also backing out and I almost thought they didn't seem me and was going to hit me but they did fine.  Meanwhile there is another car behind me and then this truck comes along and I'm not sure what his problem was but he starting blasting his horn and yelling.  Really?  Was that necessary?  People were walking along the sidewalk just smiling and looking at me and I'm thinking, what the hell did I do, but sit and wait to park?   This one nice young man came along and stood in front of my car as I parked.  When I got out of the car I asked him if I had done anything wrong.  He said, "no ma'am, that guy definitely had some kind of issues."  Sure made me feel better.  I was a little shaken and a little worried I'd come out and find my tires slashed, but all was good. 

In other news, my niece became a teenager today.  She's a sweetheart but I wonder if that will remain now that she's entered those dreaded teen years.   Just kidding, I can't imagine her not being sweet. 

Today was just work, work, and more work.  I did bake a couple of apple pies last night and took them to my coworkers today.  They said they were awesome.  Pat on the back here.  It's a recipe I learned to make just a few years back....ok, I long time ago in 9th grade home economics class.  I thought I'd lost the recipe bur discovered my mom still had a copy at her house so life is good again. 

Now, let's hit publish before I screw this up again...

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Still failing?

Ok, missed a couple of days again, but I have an excuse.  The day before yesterday I had some pretty extensive dental work which meant pain after the numbness wore off and thus I took pain meds and slept the day away, or what was left of it after the work.  Got up, I think, around 10, took my meds, ate and drank a tiny bit and back to bed.  Yesterday was better and worked but  was still pretty sore, so didn't feel like "talking" even on a blog to the universe, if anyone out there is listening.  Today, I still have some tenderness, quite a bit at one injection site and then my gums are sore which they said would happen, but it's sort of that pressure/pain I have felt with sinus pressure.  Strange.  Hopefully that will feel better soon.  I go back Jan 30th to have the crowns seated and then prep for another.  It's never ending when you have a mouth full of bad teeth. 

Question?  Is it a genetic thing with men that they can't hear a running toilet?  I sort of noticed a running water sound yesterday evening but when I noticed it I figured an upstairs neighbor was showering.  Then late last night my next door neighbor came knocking on the door and asked if  I could hear it.  She went upstairs and found the guy over her had one running.  The chain had come undone in the tank.  I can remember back in the day we had one that would run, I could come in from running errands and there sat my ex and boys watching tv  and they never heard it but I heard it as soon as I walked into the house.  Is it truly a male thing not to hear that? 

Monday, January 16, 2017

Still not doing what I said I would

I heard or read somewhere once that to blog  you should write something every day to get in the habit of it.  I "told" myself at the beginning of the year that I was going to do that and I'm sure not keeping that going, am I? 

So, let's see.  We've had YUCK weather.  Had the snow the Friday before last and I did something terribly stupid that night, which I'll get to in a minute.  Then all last week there were forecasts and reports of a big ice storm coming Friday and Saturday.  People were in total panic mode, of course.  Clearing the grocery store shelves, I'm talking you couldn't even get in the parking lots.  Complete craziness.  Luckily I work for my city and our emergency management director keeps us up to date on what is going on and it's often better than what the media says.  He told us Thursday that he felt we'd get a little ice on Friday but not bad in our area and then by Saturday the temps would go up and it would just be rain and that is exactly what happened.  Good deal because I didn't stock up on bread and milk like the rest of the city. 

So, now back to the stupid thing I did.  That day we did get snow, a few inches.  When I left work that day I knew I didn't want to cook so I ran and got a chicken sandwich from Chick Fil A.  Came home, no big deal.  Saturday I had no reason to leave so was home all day. Sunday afternoon rolls around and I need to run an errand or two.  Get ready, get my purse and NO WALLET!  Oh geez.  First thought it had fallen out of my purse in my desk drawer at work, but then I remembered going to get the sandwich and since I went through the drive thru I figured I'd left it out in my car.  It was a long walk to the car because I just knew my window would be smashed and the wallet gone.  Thankfully that hadn't happened and there sat my wallet on the passenger seat just has I must have left it.  I was surely being looked after from above. 

Since most of my family are big Game of Thrones fans I've decided to start watching.  Of course I have a lot of catching up to do.  There are those in my family that think I won't like it, that it's not my type of thing, but I watched 2 episodes last night and found them pretty interesting.  My oldest is thrilled that I'm watching. 

Day off work tomorrow but not for fun.  Having some major dental work done.  YUCK This is going to set me back some MAJOR bucks.  But, it needs to be done and I keep putting it off and just doing a little at a time.  Still will have more to do, my mouth is a mess but this will put some of it behind me.

Have done a little sewing and have all my rows together and now need to sew them into a top.  Worked on the first 2 last night but not loving how they look and my eyes are giving me trouble so having a friend look at it tomorrow night, if I'm up to going to her house after the dental visit. 

Eye doctor is next week. 

Now the big question...will I post anything tomorrow? 

Sunday, January 8, 2017


When my middle son was a toddler he didn't handle change well.  I couldn't move anything around in the house or it would just throw him in a tizzy.  In his preschool the other class would have to come into his room to do joint things because he would just lose it.  (I fussed at them for catering to him).  WELL.....I've now become my 2 year old son.  I don't handle change well.  Whenever something changes at work I become a grump until I get used to it.  We are starting a new thing where 3 of us that do the same thing will rotate desks every 6 months.  This was supposed to take place at the start of the new year, but the new gal that was trained left so now we have another new girl.  So....early last week we were told we'd move around February 1.  OH Good, a month to wrap my head around it all.  And then WHAM the next day they decide we are going to go ahead and change.  UGH  Yep, I was a grumpy butt.  The hardest will be getting through a rotation at each desk because we will have to get our sign on for that computer all set up, once we've been through a full rotation things will go more smoothly, until we get a new computer. 

Friday we had what I call a 4 letter word that starts with "S".  SNOW.  Bring me summer.  At least it was the fluffy stuff and so the roads weren't too awful.  This week we'll have a warming trend and even get close to 70 degrees and then the cold will come back and they are talking ice storm.  If I have to have winter weather I'd prefer snow. 

Trying to get my sewing/quilting mojo back.  I put together 3 rows of a quilt today. I had already made 1.  The quilt consists of 8 rows, thus 4 more and then borders to go. 

Yesterday and this morning were not good.  Had a horrible headache.  It was centered at my forehead and then would hurt around nose and right cheek, so I'm thinking sinus although I never have feel stuff or congested.  Could also be these weather changes, cold, warm, cold, warm.  Back and forth.  Slept most of the afternoon yesterday because the pain was making me feel sick to my stomach and the light was making it worse.  It finally eased up today after a hot shower and some extra coffee. 

Coffee makes the world right.  I love that stuff.  I'm addicted!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Cold Weather, Just Not My Thing

I'm a southern gal.  I love the south and everything about it.  I do NOT like cold weather.  And yes, I know it's January, it's supposed to be cold.  Too bad, I still don't enjoy it.  We have a chance of light snow coming.  YUCK  Now, I will admit as a child I would have been thrilled to have snow.  At my stage in life now, NOPE NOPE NOPE.  I should be a bear and just hibernate, but that can't happen, so I'll just have to bundle up and deal with it.  Oh, and I live right across the street (literally) from my work so even if we had a blizzard and not the light snow they are saying, I'd still have to go in.

Still haven't sewn a stitch.  I chose wine over sewing tonight.  That was the end of my bottle from New Years, so maybe tomorrow. 

Note to self:  Saturday you need to go to the cable store and return your cable box and quit paying that ridiculously too high bill.  My boys gave me Apple TV for Christmas so I can get rid of cable. 

I know no one is reading this, but just in case, I need some hints on maneuvering through Blogger.  Namely I need to change things on my profile as in the "wife" word.  Hmmm.  Need to work on that one.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Going to try this blogging thing again!

I guess I'm not so great at this, but going to give it a whirl yet again.  If for nothing else to provide a place for me to be accountable to at least myself for projects and personal goals. 

I'm still a quilter although don't have the mojo I once had due to this thing called a job that I have to have.  I have some ongoing projects and I hope to post about them soon. 

I need need need to lose some weight (isn't that true for so many?)  I know it's the cliché New Years resolution but I'm going to work toward getting healthier. 

Many things have happened in my life in the past few years.  A big thing is that for the very first time in my long life I live alone.  After years of struggle my marriage ended.  I was scared to venture out on my own but I have to say I'm loving it.  I can come and go as I please.  Go to be early, stay up late, cook or not cook Read in bed until all hours.  Etc etc. 

My 3 boys are all grown and doing great.  All have jobs and doing well at them.  YEA!  Makes a Mama proud. 

I'm an avid reader, have been a good part of my life.  These days I'm into Christian/Inspirational Fiction.  I venture to other things at times.  I just like things to be uplifting. 

So, this is my first, albeit short post for I hope what becomes if nothing else a journal of sorts for me. 

My wish for everyone in the new year is to just be HAPPY!