Sunday, July 8, 2012

Hopscotch finished

I completely forgot to show a picture of the finished Hopscotch quilt top.  The pieced borders tried to give me trouble at first, but once I pinned them heavily and slowed myself down I was fine with the way it turned out.  Not perfect, but it's a top.

I have a growing pile that need to be quilted.  I have to start taking them to someone.  I love hand quilting and find it very therapeutic but my life is too busy these days to hand quilt them all.  I have several tops done and will never catch up, so paying a machine quilter is in my future.   I'll just have to hand quilt the most special ones.  Have one I started hand quilting this weekend. Can't show pictures, it's for someone special.

Mama Kai Kai

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  1. Hey, Connie. I swore last summer with all the 100 degree weather we were having, that I would not complain and I didn't...much. But I am hating the cold weather more and more. So, I guess I am with you. Skip winter and Spring and let's just get back to Summer.

    Thanks, too, for the compliments on my little wall hangings.

    Love the soft colors of your quilt.

    Have a great evening.